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Title: CB-1 Mk2 Project
Post by: Pod70 on February 12, 2018, 10:31:36 AM
Since the demise of Photobucket, there doesn’t seem to be many people posting projects on the forum so I figured I’d start this thread using Flickr to host the images & hopefully inspire a few of you to do the same.
Ok, so here is the latest project a CB-1 mk2. Although I’ve worked on a mk2 before, this is the first one I’ve owned, although it was never really planned for it to come into my possession. Back in the summer it was posted on the Facebook page and the owner was looking for some help getting it back on the road after a minor crash. The bike had gone down on its left hand side but what caused the damage was that it went under an oncoming vehicle which smashed the clutch cover. As he was fairly local I offered to pop over and help him make a list of parts needed that I should be able to supply from my own stash of bits.
As the parts list grew and the amount of work and money mounted up, he decided that it wasn’t worth repairing and that he would sell it for parts. A deal was struck and the bike was wheeled into the back of the van and sat in the shed for quite a few months until I was finally able to get round to sitting it on the bench and looking at it. The plan was for it to be a little project over the Christmas break but life in general and my other bikes had other plans……
( ( ( by pod_70 (, on Flickr
( ( ( by pod_70 (, on Flickr
The plan is to go through the bike sorting out any issues and get it back on the road again. It’s only going to be a clean-up and repair rather than a full on restoration. Sure I’ve said this before about other projects….

Title: Re: CB-1 Mk2 Project
Post by: Pod70 on February 12, 2018, 10:32:08 AM
The first job was to get it on my homemade ABBAish stand through the front engine mounts to raise the front end (my ABBA stand is too wide for the bench). The plan is to start at the front and work my way back.
( ( ( by pod_70 (, on Flickr
Something that definitely needs to be replaced is this exhaust – it looks like something that should be fitted to the underside of a Nissan Micra, not the side of a bike. It doesn’t look home made either as the headers aren’t standard CB-1 so I have no idea where it could have come from. Fortunately I have a decent original exhaust to fit.
( ( ( by pod_70 (, on Flickr

Title: Re: CB-1 Mk2 Project
Post by: Pod70 on February 12, 2018, 10:32:57 AM
Here’s the main damage. It looks worse than it is and there is no play or obvious damage to end of the crank as a result. You can see the bent brake pedal which will also need to be replaced.
( ( ( by pod_70 (, on Flickr
The clutch cover was removed and binned and the sump dropped for cleaning and inspection of the bottom end of the engine. A replacement flywheel & woodruff key have been fitted and while I was there I pulled the clutch to check the condition of the plates (all good).
There was some discussion on the Facebook page about using the £10 Chinese gasket sets off Ebay etc. The previous owner had bought a set and gave them to me with the bike but here are some photos which should explain why I won’t be using them.
( ( ( by pod_70 (, on Flickr
( ( ( by pod_70 (, on Flickr

Aaron - I know that's an NC23 pickup cover but I haven't removed the CB-1 cover yet  ;D

Title: Re: CB-1 Mk2 Project
Post by: Pod70 on February 12, 2018, 10:33:48 AM
The Front brake was seized on solid so this was removed (eventually) and stripped for cleaning and rebuild. The pistons have come up fine with a clean & polish so I just need a new set of seals.
( ( ( by pod_70 (, on Flickr

Title: Re: CB-1 Mk2 Project
Post by: Spurlock on February 12, 2018, 10:48:21 AM
Thanks for posting Pod70, I'll be interested to- follow along. So I assume you checked the end of the crankshaft for runout? That's a scary looking ding in the flywheel!


Title: Re: CB-1 Mk2 Project
Post by: filterMan on February 12, 2018, 12:08:10 PM
Looks like a nice little winter project. I wish I had a garage like yours, I particularly like the look of the most important tool in the workshop, the kettle! I have to put up with this freezing weather if my bike goes wrong.

You'll have it ready for the spring then  ;D

Just out of curiosity, where do you buy your gaskets and stuff from?

Title: Re: CB-1 Mk2 Project
Post by: Efreeman55 on February 12, 2018, 01:28:51 PM
I'd be really concerned about the end of the crank being bent with that kind of damage to the case and alternator rotor.  I have a spare, low mileage engine I bought along with my CB1 and it also had been down with damage to the alternator cover case.  The damage isn't as bad as yours but it was enough to bend the end of the crank.  Definitely something to check.


Title: Re: CB-1 Mk2 Project
Post by: a_morti on February 12, 2018, 04:08:03 PM
We all love a project, keep it coming!

I'm also interested in what differences there are between a type one and a type two. You're one of very few people with access to both at the same time and a good eye, so it'll be interesting to see what you find. I know about higher bars, different tank and corresponding single snorkel airbox, the stock type 2 silencer is a little longer, various bits with different/darker finishes. Is the seat the same? Did they modify the footrests to match higher bars (they do this on the SV650/S for example)? Shock is different, is it the same dimensions just with a gas canister, or longer?

I have convertibars on my bike now, they could get to pretty much the height of your bars, with longer cables. Be interested in how the bike feels once complete.

I suspect that exhaust was fairly bling once upon a time, the spring hooks certainly suggest that even if the missing springs don't. Looks JDM, probably fitted to the bike back in Japan. Is the silencer aluminium? I suspect it's better than Dad Morti's bike has on it, he might be interested.

The engine has lighter paint than would expect on a type 2, I suspect it was already changed once in its life. edit: could just be the light

I bought a set of gaskets off Graeme France. He has had a batch of replicas made. Price wasn't quite £10 but cheaper than Honda and you know if it's GF, it'll be fine.

You can use the nc23 ignition cover, assuming it's same as CBR600f1, just fit the single ignition pickup from the CB-1 with some suitable screws.

Title: Re: CB-1 Mk2 Project
Post by: Pod70 on February 13, 2018, 05:28:18 AM
Damage to the end of the crankshaft was my main concern too. I did fabricate a bracket out of angle iron to mount to the crankcase and then sat my dial gauge on that to measure any run-out. it seems to be fine but I forgot to take any photos. It seems to be ok but I won't really know for sure until I fire it up and it's under load. I'll re-jig it & get a photo done. If the worst comes to the worst, I have a few engines spare but most need rebuilding in one way or another.

Normally get my gaskets and a few other bits through Graeme France as like Aaron says, he may not be the cheapest, but you know that the parts will be good quality.

Filterman - I've waited years to get a garage like this sorted out. It's only a single but it has power & light although there are normally a few bikes in there so you have move things out and around to get jobs done. I seem to spend as much time moving stuff out of the way as I do working on the bikes. Unfortunately the 'kettle' is a fuel jug so wouldn't want to be drinking out of that  :D

Aaron - I'll try and make notes of any differences but I think you've listed the main ones and it does look like this bike has been modified quite a bit over time so has probably lost some original bits along the way - look at the Chinese front master cylinder & levers for example. My 1st CB-1 came with the same canister type rear shock & even had a bracket mounted to the frame to take the canister.

Title: Re: CB-1 Mk2 Project
Post by: a_morti on February 13, 2018, 02:34:49 PM
Chinese brakes... why??

'Bit sloppy' - and he's replaced it with another cheap junk part!

No. Just no.