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Title: CB-1 new owner impressions
Post by: emiller412 on October 04, 2018, 01:39:27 AM
Bought my first CB-1 this summer, finally got it running after carb overhaul and fuel pump replacement (used, off ebay), thanks also to Spurlock, ... Great engine, such precision, the sound of it (used to have a 1977 CB400F 40 years ago) is fantastic .. Amazing performance, 13.5K rpm .. but anything over 10K is frightening.   Wide power band, not peaky.  Compact seating position, great brakes, nice gauges..  Unusual yellow neutral light.. I like it.

Bars are low, thumbs hit gas tank at full lock.. Most surprising is short gearing.   I keep wanting to shift up, it feels like it's in 4th when it's in 6th.  Ok, I understand it's the very high redline but it has the torque to go 4500 at 60mph, no need to spin 6500.   8.5K at 75 mph seems extreme, yes, it wants to rev higher ..  I see why they did it, but couldn't we have a taller top gear?   So extraordinary, it makes me think for hours  .. but I wouldn't change it, this is how they wanted it, it's not for me to criticize... 

Engine is excellent, transmission operation is perfect.  Technology and precision is outstanding.  Compact feel, a pleasure to drive, terrific styling.   An amazing engineering achievement.

Title: Re: CB-1 new owner impressions
Post by: filterMan on October 04, 2018, 04:12:54 AM
Welcome emiller412, your analysis is spot on, great engine and yes top gear should be higher. But apart from that I think it does everything well and me having freakishly short legs it suits me :-) I've had mine for seven years now and I can't seem to part with it. Enjoy!

Title: Re: CB-1 new owner impressions
Post by: Efreeman55 on October 04, 2018, 09:50:12 PM
You can change sprockets to get taller gearing but will have an inaccurate speedometer since it's driven off the trans sprocket instead of the front wheel like many bikes.  I dropped about 4 teeth on the rear sprocket and it has helped and the accelerations is still good.


Title: Re: CB-1 new owner impressions
Post by: Spurlock on October 08, 2018, 08:29:15 PM
Welcome emiller 412, I also agree with your impressions, these are amazing bikes! I am light - 150# w/gear - and like you found the gearing way too low. I went up to a 16T C-S sprocket and down to a 37T rear and like it much better. I can still motor through 30 mph zones without needing to downshift, and the transmission is still close ratio and acceleration is still downright frightening at high revs. We like pictures, post some when you can!


Title: Re: CB-1 new owner impressions
Post by: Spurlock on October 08, 2018, 11:24:55 PM
Forgot to add, with my 16/37 sprockets the speedo is about 7 mph slow but in sixth gear the tach numbers match mph almost exactly according to GPS, i.e. 6K rpm = 61 mph. So I just watch the tach as long as I am in 6th gear.


Title: Re: CB-1 new owner impressions
Post by: Paulbwatertownct on December 29, 2018, 01:58:13 AM
Iím a little late to comment here, but I too am running 16/37 sprockets and find them much better than stock.

You mentioned your bars being close to the tank... stock bars from a Honda Hawk GT are either identical or almost identical to the CB-1 MKII of 1991, and will give you a few inches of rise. Iíve read of several CB-1 owners who love the feel of the GT bars, and still retain the Honda OEM quality. You will need new cables made a few inches longer than stock, so it is not a plug and play option if you decide to go that route. Motion Pro can make the cables. I will change mine at some point, I have the bars, I just havenít gotten around to ordering the longer cables.

Everyone will have opinions on tires, for me there is nothing better than the Bridgestone S20 EVOs. Amazing in every aspect.