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Title: Your resume is not an argument, ma'am. But...looks good for $2200
Post by: JokeySmurf on August 13, 2019, 02:51:05 PM

64 words (several of which are incorrect) on what it is. Anyone paying $2200 for a 30 year old naked 400 KNOWS what it is!
4 words on the condition of the actual bike.

Does riding a motorcycle affect the ad writing centers of the brain? Are full face helmets affecting oxygen supply?

Mail Order Bride For Sale:

an adult human female.
synonyms:   lady, girl, member of the fair/gentle sex, female; More
a female person associated with a particular place, activity, or occupation.
female adults in general. This survivor has a recent haircut and new shoes.
Runs like a standard Asian and sounds like a mezzo soprano.

"1988 and 1989" - No. '89 & '90. Also: who cares! Is the fuzzy pic that looks like 29k on the clock actual mileage?
"400cc" - No. 399cc. Also: who cares! How many owners? Who did the sporty mods? Is that braided brake line a cob job?
"first naked sport bike" Who voted on that? Is an 88 GT650 less sporty? An 82 Seca650? The valves adjusted? carbs synched?
"great beginner bike" NO! Keep Cb-1's out of the incompetent hands of newbies. Let them crash GS500's and Honda Rebels.
"doesn't cost a bunch to insure" The combined insurance for my 700 and 200 was $78 this year. When were the fluids changed?

Your ad sucks but assuming there's no hidden problems you could get $2500 for it. It's cleaner than a Filipino mail order bride on wash day.

Title: Re: Your resume is not an argument, ma'am. But...looks good for $2200
Post by: samsdad on August 16, 2019, 11:27:57 AM
Wow!!!!! Your post with the rambling on about this
ad on Craigslist sounds a bit familiar.
Mods might want to make sure this isn’t the same “turd”
who was banned a while back for similar pointless writings.

About the ad, how much can be said about a 30 year old bike.
Seriously, we can be sure the seller is willing to take offers, and
there are plenty of pictures of its general condition. 
You seem to rip the guy a new one for trying to sell on Craigslist.
It’s not like he is selling on Barret Jackson auctions....
Sorry, I see an ad that may need a bit more info, but a simple email
regarding condition would do..

Title: Re: Your resume is not an argument, ma'am. But...looks good for $2200
Post by: eyhonda on August 19, 2019, 08:49:29 AM
For sure!  I thought this section is to help sell bikes, bikes for sale, etc.  Why turn off people from buying a CB-1?   Let the buyer decide what works for him or her.  I'm looking for a project bike.  I hope I don't get discouraged just because whatever bike I'm looking at is a complete POS. If it's whole, there isn't much that can't be fixed with enough will, experience, some skill, curiosity, drive and luck.

Title: Re: Your resume is not an argument, ma'am. But...looks good for $2200
Post by: JokeySmurf on August 19, 2019, 03:43:52 PM
1. Five exclamation points is not an argument.
    Six may have convinced me though!!!!!!

2. There was no rambling. If you had trouble following the logic or if you need help with the bigger words ask Sam for help, dad.
3. This post sounds like nothing ever written before. Did you actually read it?
4. Why is turd in quotes? Is there a relevant "turd" section in Barrett Jackson's book of Famous Quotations?
5. How much can be said about a 30 year old bike? Lots more than new tires and a battery.
    Have you ever bought a 30 year old bike? Have you ever bought a used bike? Have you ever worked on or ridden a
    Again, did you actually read what I wrote? Did ADHD kick in after three lines? I made several suggestions for what could be
    written in an ad to sell a 30 year old bike. There are dozens more questions that could be asked.
6. Seriously, would a smart person buy a bike only knowing about tires and the battery?
    Facetiously: Rip the guy a new what? "Turd" cutter? Doesn't Sam's mom let you say naughty words?
7. You're saying unless an ad is for a show bike the ad doesn't need to be competent. I hope you didn't have that attitude when
    you bought Sam's mom from the Philippines mail order catalog.
8. Sorry not sorry. The ad needs much more relevant info. I pointed that out. When Sam hurts your feelings do you spank him
    yourself or report him to mommy to mod him?
9. Why are we sure he's taking offers? Why is that relevant to my suggestions?
     I wrote that the bike looks good for $2200. Did you miss that too?
10. You know, a simple email to me about my critique of this ad would have sufficed.
"Please donate my liver to Sam's dad" - Soichiro Honda august 5 1991. Bartlett's Quotes.

Title: Re: Your resume is not an argument, ma'am. But...looks good for $2200
Post by: JokeySmurf on August 19, 2019, 03:54:12 PM
Dear eyhonda:

Are you, like, a Valley Girl? Totally for sure!

This section IS to help sell bikes. That's why I pointed out how poor the ad was at doing that.
Newbies SHOULD be turned off from buying CB-1's. Enough have been destroyed by Squids already.

This is the best CB-1 I've seen come up in this price range in a long time. I hope a competent rider with decent mechanical skill asks relevant questions, gets good answers, and buys it. I hope the CB-1 you buy is a complete piece of shit that satisfies your curiosity.

Read my original post again. You seem to have missed the main point and went on rambling about other things. Don't worry though, comrade, I won't turn you in to the mods.