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1  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: Story of one CB-1 on: July 01, 2018, 08:46:05 AM
Hi all!
It's time for some updates!

Nitrous routing is over:

Huge part of wire routing is nearly over. There are still remain little things to complete.
As a result - CB-1 got a new wire harness. Dyna 2000 ignition module, motogadget gauge and it's digital commutator, DynoJet wideband 2 lambda controller and Nitrous MaxExteme controller were interconnected with each other. I have also integrated a safety interlock schema (turns off ignition with side stand when bike is not in neutral gear).
All blocks, relays and other components have found their places:

All additional modules have their own fuse block:

I also decided to install steering damper from V-Max.
My solution is pretty "radical" Smiley :

There is also was a solution with cooling reservoir (have no photo yet).

And we had a first launch just few days ago!


After first launch we had several problems:
- cooling pump leakage
- thermostat leakage
- Non-OEM crankcase pan seal leakage

The engine is currently in "RUN-IN" period after re-assembly.
We made a first test on Dyno: 22 hp on the rear wheel on 7000 rmp Smiley

I am going to solve cooling system problems in the nearest time.
If someone knows about swapping cooling pump from CB400SF/CB400 VTEC - please, make me know.
2  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: Story of one CB-1 on: January 05, 2018, 09:13:13 AM
Love what you're doing here but I've got a few questions.
Any reason for not using stick coils? (would take up less space)
How are the NOS injectors held in place on the rubber inlet manifolds? (normally they are fitted into a threaded hole)

Good luck with this and can't wait to see the end result

Spark becomes a “weak link” when dealing with N2O.
Therefore it should be stronger. Stock coils have a known problem of weak spark when using N2O.
In addition to this I need the space where stock coils were for installation of additional fuel pump Smiley

Those Venom injectors have a special retainer for installation into rubber manifolds.
3  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: Story of one CB-1 on: January 05, 2018, 07:10:33 AM
There were no updates cause Russian IPs seems to be banned on this site (Russian hackers did it Smiley and I am lazy to start TOR or VPN to access this site -)

Ok, here are some updates.

Shock is assembled

Muffler routing/welding is finished:

Ignition coils and solenoids have found their places:

A lot of wire routing (still not finished):

Preaparation of “key component”:

Will take some fresh pictures soon.
4  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: Story of one CB-1 on: May 10, 2017, 05:04:43 AM
uhhh....Nitros...? On a CB1? prepared to ride with a fireproof motorcycle suit at all times.
GLW that.

Make sure you capture it on video when you take your first flight.

What does "GLW" stands for? I don't know this acronym Smiley
As for fireproof: it's a common mistake about N2O.
It is not flammable itself. Moreover during N2O reaction inside cylinder you will gain pure nitrogen, which in turn reduces temperature inside cylinder.
The only risk is high pressure bottle on the tail... But you already have shock reservoir, tyres and pressure inside cylinders Smiley

Stay tuned, I hope I can post the results soon!
5  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: Story of one CB-1 on: May 09, 2017, 05:46:53 PM
Did I read that right, you are adding a Nitrous Oxide kit to it!?

Everything is right - this will gonna be a nitrous CB-1.
I have posted a kit on a previous page:,5290.msg25413.html#msg25413

What will that do to it's performance when boosted, any idea?
It will add additional HP by increasing ammont of burning air/fuel mixture Smiley (like any other method of power increasing).
And have you done that before on another bike or is this an experiment?
No, I have never done it before (but I always wanted to do it Smiley )
It some kind of experiment/fun/self-education/dream/madness/etc.
I have wrote in my first or second post:
"There is no any common sense in this project. There is no goal of money saving (I don’t want to make even a preliminary estimate of the total cost).
I like this bike. He is dear to me as a memory of my father from one hand.
From the other hand I am moved by a desire: “I wish!”"
6  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: Story of one CB-1 on: May 09, 2017, 04:18:45 PM
Hello again.
Project is moving forward.
Slowly, but surely.

My N2O kit includes AFR gauge.
It can't be used "outside" due to it is not water-resistant.

To make it water-resistant I first found appropriate O-ring.

Next step was developing it's new body.

Next step: to make appropriate polycarbonate glass.

Here is the final water-resistant body. I will make a mount later.

Meanwhile I am working on adapring FCR.
There are no special o-ring seals available on the market for air-filter adapters for FCR32.
I have found usual o-rings (petrol-resistant) that have fited.
Also I have missed with BMC filters: I had to order new set with offset. When they were without offset they had a contact with each other when being installed.

Engine assembly is nearly completed. It remains to tune ignition timing for Dyna2000. It is not a trivial procedure.

One of my ideas was harder to perform than it seemed: ass modification.
It was rather easy to cut it off but to make a new one was much harder Smiley
Here are some photos of intermediate stages.
I keeped stock undertail. Seat lock was moved. Seat will find it's new cover soon.

One of my old wishes came true: kellerman LED turn-signal + load independent relay.
7  General Category / Tech Corner / Re: Jobs on my new bike on: March 15, 2017, 01:56:34 PM
It can be useful to read my post:,5290.msg25549.html#msg25549

I suppose you will have at minimum 3 problems during your adjustment F4i shock into CB-1:

1) F4i shock is too short
I can say for 100% sure: CBR600F4(i) shock is shorter than CB-1's:
- F4i length is 305mm (fully rebounded) and 289 mm (fully compressed);
- CB-1's length is 315mm (fully rebounded). I don't know the exact length of CB-1's fully compressed shock, but CBR893's is 294mm.

2) Preload problem
CBR893 shock is known as compatible with cb-1 (it has same length in rebounded condition and same linkages), but it needs spring swap and spring holder modification! Without modification you will get pre-load problem:

Left - stock CB-1's spring, right - 893's sprign.
893 has bigger travel limit/reserve than F4, so direct spring swap from CB-1 to F4i will result more pre-load problem!

3) Valve's mismatch.
If you will solve first two problems (elongation + spring holder modification) you will still need to change the valves for compliance with new spring.
Stock F4i's shock valves are designed for F4i's stock spring. If you change the spring - valves will not work properly.

PS: In my case (NC29 swingarm + progressive linkage) I had to extend F4i's  shock to 25mm for keeping original CB-1's geometry.

8  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: Story of one CB-1 on: March 07, 2017, 04:18:00 AM
Loving your work!

Your polishing master is very, very good.
Thanks, Aaron. In 2006-2007 you were the person who inspired me for swingarm integration Smiley

My polishing master is like a drug-dealer. I made polishing by myself long time ago.
When I got my cb-1 back I had gave him one part for polishing.
He made it and I had compared his polishing with those parts that were polished by me.
Then I understood that he had caught me and I am on a needle...


Thank you for keeping your thread updated with your progress.  Your passion for the old bike we ride is very inspiring.

I am interested in what compression and rebound shimstacks you will be running on the rear shock.  Will the RT shock piston allow you to run both a high and low speed stack on both sides?  If so, would you mind posting what you went with on each stack?

RT have tricky schema of valve supply.
1)  You should choose your bike's model and weight. RT will give you a necessary kit.
2) After you get the kit you should enter one-time code with your weight, style of riding, etc. This will give you a specification codes (cL, cLX, cH, rL, rLX, rH).
Using a chart from the kit you will get the shims sizes and their quantity.
This stack includes both low and high compression and rebound shim sizes.
Do you want to know those shim sizes and their quantity?

Also, I am interested in your experience with the aftermarket ignition timing setup.  It looks like you will have some interesting adjustability for a modified powertrain.  Are you changing lobs on the engine cam?

I am changing camshafts. I am using NC23 cams.
Dyna2000 is fully adjustable and can be programmed to any timing.
I plan to start with stock NC23 timing. Then I will correct it based on dyno run result.
But there is some kind of magic with Dyna programming.
I was asking Dynatec support about difference between programming Dyna with two different pickup sensor positions and they say that it doesn't matter...
I always should enter final needed advance in CurveMaker. But both Dyna and CurveMaker don't know about physical pickup position...

Looking forward to your thread.  Also, besafe on the rods out there.  I have seen some the dash cams of accidents; some crazy driving going out there making it more dangerous for bike riders.

Thanks. Everybody should be safe regardless of their geo-location Smiley
It's cold here (+3 - +5). And I don't hurry to get on the road. I prefer to ride during warm weather )
9  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: Story of one CB-1 on: March 05, 2017, 04:24:43 PM
Story continues...

Rear suspension - part 2
As people say: if you don't succeed, try again!
During performing shock spring swap from CB-1 to CBR893 (900) I encountered with a problem: stock CB-1's spring is longer than 893's. That meant a pre-load problem (left - stock CB-1 spring, right - 893):

Then I decided to keep 893 shock "as is" and integrate it with a stock NC29 progressive linkage (I wrote about it here).
I was naive and self-confident, because I was sure that I will be able to do it without knowing stock NC29 linkage position with full rebounded shock. As a result - I made this linkage wrong Smiley
In addition I made some consultations with racers and some measurements which brought me to a conclusion: 893's shock will not work properly on CB-1's weight.
The best option will be to use CBR600F4i shock with some valve tuning.
I bought 600F4i shock and made a visit to NC29 owner to measure his linkage position.
When I was "locked and loaded" with all necessary info, it was time for second attempt.

I got this F4i shock in terrible condition:

Shock was disassembled:

This shock is compatible with NC23 and NC29. To integrate it into CB-1 with NC29 swingarm it should be extended/elongated:

And it should be painted Smiley

Spring was sandblasted before painting:

Other shock parts was also painted:

During painting works racetech kit had arrived. It is calculated for bike and pilot weight.
It had arrived fast but one part was missing. I am still awaiting for it Sad

Second attempt of progressive linkage was successful:

Video Smiley

And some "bonus" photos from the polishing master. His job is awesome as always:

10  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: Story of one CB-1 on: February 19, 2017, 02:17:36 PM
Assembly is going forward.

New root and rod bearings, rod bolts and nuts, piston rings, countershaft, 2nd gear, oil pump.
Cylinders came after honing.
11  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: Story of one CB-1 on: January 27, 2017, 01:30:46 PM
Engine paint works completed.

12  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: Story of one CB-1 on: January 23, 2017, 06:58:13 AM
Thanks good to know because my cam cover is really tarnished. Did you polish by hand or do you have a polishing machine?

It is mostly manual work.
You will need sandpaper with different grit sizes, that can be attached to a drill or angular grinding machine. Also you will need felted circle and polishing paste (can't say which one is available in your country).
1) Get rid off factory paint. It's the most difficult step. Big areas can be machines with a drill/grinding machine. Little areas, corners and pits should be completed by hands. You can also use scotch-brite.
2) You should handle your detail with different grit sizes, starting with coarse and finishing with fine sizes.
3) make a final handling of your detail with felted circle and polishing paste.
13  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: Story of one CB-1 on: January 23, 2017, 05:12:05 AM
I asked about the clear coat because I was concerned that the polished parts would tarnish quickly. Here in the UK with our salty roads, especially at this time of year I would have thought that they would be in a poor state quickly. Or am I wrong?

Clear coat = varnish, right?

It's useless to use it with polished parts bacause it won't persist on a smooth part.

I made my first polishing in 2007. There is no any oxidation.
It can became a little dim over some time. But you can make it shine again with a felted circle and polish paste.

14  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: Story of one CB-1 on: January 22, 2017, 03:32:31 AM
My wife would have a fit if I spent so much on parts ;-)

Nice polishing, must have taken ages. Will you clear coat them?

One more person is talking about his wife (and again I am not sure that I understand you correctly).
I hope that everything is fine in your families Smiley
I don't want to make any influence on other's relationships )))

As for clear coat - I am not going to do anything more with those parts.
They are ready for installation.
15  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: Story of one CB-1 on: January 21, 2017, 04:36:57 AM
I have finally found left cover that I was looking for:

Now it's brought into line with other parts:

Left cover is needed for installing this:

And "control shot":

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