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1  General Category / General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Clarification required on: August 31, 2017, 02:53:53 PM
The blatantly reactive renaming of this section and the dropping of the original invitation has proved all my points beyond all doubt.

You owe that apology to me a_morti. Your behaviour was the only behaviour that was unacceptable and the only behaviour that was in any way in contravention of the site rules. Thst is not and never has been in any doubt.

I look forward to meeting you in person so you can repeat your behaviour and we can all find out how brave you really are. No, that's not a threat silly boy, it's an invitation to back up your Internet trolling and verbal abuse - anytime, any place. Actions have consequences.

mrbones, you demonstrated your lack of integrity the last time and have repeated it again here.

filter 'man' thank you for confirming your lack of intellect. Get a dictionary and learn the meaning of words before you abuse them.

Admin, your refusal to address me directly is pure cowardice. You also lied. I did not report the thread. I reported the foul language and abusive behaviour of a_morti, which you have demonstrably failed to address. I therefore require an appliqué from you, as well as replies to my original questions.

Also, explain how the post entitled: 'Alma martyrs' was NOT motorcycle related.

2  General Category / General Motorcycle Discussion / Clarification required on: August 30, 2017, 08:40:11 PM
Admin, please explain your lack of response to my complaints about the foul language and abusive behaviour by a_morti.

Please also explain the unwarranted deletion of the topic entitled 'Alma martyrs' on the General Discussion section which invites members to: Feel free to talk about anything and everything.

It's time you clarified the situation properly. 
3  Classifieds / Wanted / Re: CB1 after market full fairing on: August 29, 2017, 09:56:24 PM
I agree on that too.
if a rider needs to have a faring on the CB1 to operate in his environment...ok, then. His choice.
Like you said, here in never rains so I can see where I wouldn't want one on mine (if I still had it in my possession that this........geez I hope my brother gets tired of the CB1 soon Wink
Agreed.....on the narrow track.

I was hoping you'd agree on the basic principle VH.

That's cool VH.

I've often wondered what bike I'd ride in your part of the world. I might actually ride a FatBoy chopper of the type the Essex guy built/still builds? But I have no idea why. Maybe I like the idea of an obscure tribute to Gram Parsons. Or something that could get way off the highway in the low desert, and camp where the brush is so dense the CHP choppers can't touch down. So much poetry and mythogy to play with. You see what HollyWeird has done to us over here?
4  Classifieds / Wanted / Re: CB1 after market full fairing on: August 29, 2017, 02:20:56 PM
Agreed.....on the narrow track.

I was hoping you'd agree on the basic principle VH.
5  Classifieds / Wanted / Re: CB1 after market full fairing on: August 29, 2017, 02:06:25 PM
yeah...don't that seem the case all the time?
Seems we both stray off topic a lot.
Hard to contain oneself on "only" motorcycle subject matter............but you are correct Aaron.

Let's get back on track.
Farings......on a CB1. Again, don't do it.

That's a narrow track. Riding the PCH and what it takes to achieve that is a motorcycling topic. Whether a fairing is needed by an individual biker is a matter of opinion best decided by that particular biker. Whether he needs the bracket that's missing from his fairing is a no brainer. Of course he needs it.

So the real question is why individual opinion should influence the amount of help he gets to find one. The principle should follow Voltaire's: Even if I disagree with your choice, I defend your right to make it.
6  Classifieds / Wanted / Re: CB1 after market full fairing on: August 29, 2017, 12:30:40 AM
Well....I'll tell you a story one day bout man and his kin, moved from N.E. DC which blowed a bunch and then. Horrible place to be....then he moved to Beverly (well, not Beverly but close nuff).....

Long story my move. Someday. It was a long and arduous plight that got me here but I'm here and hopefully never leavin'.

But yes, in climates where it's sun all the time...sure keep the neked bike look. In climates that rain all the time....well, I pity those that have to spend their days there but farings would help out.

You made a good move VH. In not jealous, but the idea definitely appeals to me. I was born in North Wales. It blows there too. But I still feels like home. I've riden motorcycle and bikes there and enjoyed every minute.

One day I will ride the PCH in both directions I hope. But I refuse to fly into the USA to be offered the non choice of being irradiated or sexually assaulted by the thieving TSA. So my entry will most likely be via Canada.

7  Classifieds / Wanted / Re: CB1 after market full fairing on: August 28, 2017, 08:34:09 PM
Gross....sorry but the CB1 should not be covered up.

Yep, he ruined it. It seems we agree VH! Wink

But I can see the point of a full fairing on any bike in bad weather conditions. You live in SoCal. You'll never need one you lucky boy! A Geiger counter, clean water supply and factor 30 maybe Wink

York149, take a look at his earlier vid, and the before shots in this vid. He's cut the top clean off!! Crazy mofo. He may still have the bracket you need.
8  General Category / Tech Corner / Re: Rectifier problem :( on: August 28, 2017, 08:25:26 PM
Yes the 3 yellow wires are interchangeable.

I'd have someone who knows what they're doing, take a look. You can spend a lot of time messing about changing parts for fun, if you don't find the actual problem.

Since the bike was painted, I'd take the green lead from the regulator direct to the battery.

That's great advice a_morti. Earthing issues are very common, as are dry joints between spliced wires.

Electrics often infuriate me. My shower is stuck on low power. All I did was change the shower head. But it has a different pressure, so something isn't getting triggered correctly. I've put a meter on it, but I do t want to strip it down without a new shower just in case. I blame my apprentice training programme, it didn't include electrics. I excelled at most of the other stuff!

Baby steps and methodically checking each possibility in turn seems to be the answer to all these electrical issues.

9  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: My Honda CB-1 on: August 28, 2017, 08:15:19 PM
There's an epidemic of them on ebay VH. I found these in the UK:

And should you develop a fake carbonfibre fetish:
10  Classifieds / Wanted / Re: CB1 after market full fairing on: August 28, 2017, 05:42:14 PM
Hello all, many years ago i got hold of a german made full fairing kit for my CB1, to cut a long story short, i have only just got round to installing it & unfortunately 1 piece is missing the bracket assembly that holds the headlamp to the frame via a u-clamp, Does anybody have any information on which company manufactured them, or even a picture so i could make one? Thanks in advance Phil

Brush up on your Russian york149 and ask the guy who put up the Russian vid of a CB-1 with a fairing. I think it's blue, and there's snow on the ground. Good luck.
11  General Category / Photo Gallery / Re: My Honda CB-1 on: August 27, 2017, 10:29:35 PM
Very very nice chesterch05. And great shots.

I notice you've also got American indicator lenses on tube front, and Japanese on the back! This is probably no bad thing. Most hazards bikers face on the road are in front, so the more visible you are the better.

Really nice paint job. Was the work very expensive?
12  General Category / Tech Corner / Re: CB-1 Shock Rebuild on: August 26, 2017, 11:30:16 PM
Thanks. Its a dark green. Matching the original paint. The paint code was NH-1.

Ill post some pics soon when I get a chance to go for a ride.

Thank you chesterch05. That's a seriously nice colour. I notice your clocks are silver like the earlier model. But you've definitely got the taller handlebars and deeper cushioned seat. I'm currently trying to figure out just how much padding I need to add to mine to achieve that level if comfort.

We often rave over modified bikes, but maintaining the original paint and style is an art too. I'm genuinely impressed.
13  General Category / General Motorcycle Discussion / It's a long way to Vladivostok on: August 26, 2017, 08:35:36 PM
The headlamp blackest are a disaster, but otherwise we have some competition for the famous CB1.5!
14  General Category / Tech Corner / Re: CB-1 Shock Rebuild on: August 26, 2017, 11:40:37 AM
That IS indeed strange chesterch05. I'm not familiar with the NC23 model so I'm not sure if it's actually an engine from an N23 or not. My understanding is that the engine to frame mounting points are quite different. But as you say, the circular cover isn't a separate unit, and the shape of the cover is different. It's also polished, but I'm guessing that's a later mod.

Anyway, you have a gorgeous bike. Congratulations on the paint job. Is it very dark green or very dark blue? Did you match the original colour and paint code? Do you know the number? It's usually on a small sticker on the top left frame tube under the seat.

Now take it to an iconic location in your area and take some promo shots. This is a worthy candidate for showing off. Slightly lower shots are great for the professional touch. Take a look at the images used by MV Agusta. I swear they design their bikes look great viewed from that angle.

@ModerateFkr the engine is dark grey but the cover looks different from other CB-1 engines. You're right about the airbox. Its just one snorkel. I didn't notice that til now. The cover with the "honda" logo isnt there. its not removable. im in the Philippines. There are a few CB-1 users here but most are already converted to cafe racers. But i like to keep it as original as possible lol.

Heres my bike all finished. Just needs some tune up.

15  General Category / General Motorcycle Discussion / "This is The Self Preservation Society..." on: August 26, 2017, 03:13:16 AM
Somewhere in the Alps, and some locations we've seen many times in the movies - from The Italian Job to recent Bonds. Epic ride in great scenery that I doubt they were able to enjoy. More proof that you don't need massive cubic capacity to really get it on!
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