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1  Classifieds / For Sale / Re: CB-1 with many performance upgrades for sale on: August 20, 2019, 11:49:36 AM
"Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries! Now away before I taunt you a second time."

You've got a lot of gumption insulting a man and his motorcycle the way you do. I'm sure it's easy sitting in your momma's basement staring at a screen, but come to Texas and say it to a man's face. You'll get taught some manners for sure.

I hear how badly those zip ties bother a person suffering from OCD as strongly as you do, but I bet you $1000 you couldn't mount the reservoir under the seat, or any other way without cutting metal away from the frame or sub-frame. In the long chapter of things you don't know about me and this bike: A strong attempt was made to better position the reservoir by a very talented garage, a garage I owned. Sure, the shock isn't made specifically for the not-so-common CB-1 application. Tell me again why only motorcycles of pure DNA are acceptable, how a Chinese dash makes a bike a whore. You're some kind of bike racist.

Do you feel smart talking about the tire date stamps on the tires, son. I see your projection of insecurity, we all do. When, or if, you live and learn a bit more you'll know how the douchebags announce their presence. It's always loud and clear. And that pipe on your bike crush is way too low for my tastes, but I bet works well for a chicken strip rider such as yourself.

It's true I would have never thought a jerk-off like you would be riding a sweet FZ700. I remember when those came out. I loved how they said "pure sports" on the side. I was a Yamaha freak back then, dreaming of an RZ500. Your pride that it is full stock baffles me. Some new springs up front would do wonders, unless you're 120 lbs, which maybe you are.

To the others on here, thanks for the info and direction helping me understand what I have. I definitely learned the value of this bike is lower than I hoped to get originally. I am super curious where the sale price will end up. This has been a lesson in the attraction of stock originals. And yes, I do start pricing aggressively when I sell a bike. I've sold many, I only get to sell them once, I try not to leave any money on the table. I never intend to misinform or mislead, yet I do get very biased about the bikes I love. I really don't want to sell this bike but am forced to downsize after selling my garage. The way this forum loves one bike one way is odd to me, but there it is. I came of age in a time when flipping your handlebars to simulate clubmans and stripping 30 lbs of fenders and center stand was where the action started. Stock was lame. I still listen to 80s music too, so go figure.
2  Classifieds / For Sale / Re: CB-1 with many performance upgrades for sale on: August 19, 2019, 07:39:01 PM
JokeySmurf, I take offense to your accusation of being a liar, etc. I will fully admit I know more now than when I first posted the bike. Your choice to call me a lair based on this shows your character. There are a ton of motorcyclist out there that spend their time feeling good putting others down. I know because I was one. If you rode a Harley or didn't know how to go fast you were an idiot. It was a simpler time

Your opinion that the shock is a Chinese knock off is where you show your ignorance to the situation you have put yourself in. Perhaps it's a Fox clicker. I got Penske because I saw that as the common rear suspension mod for the CB-1. Neither is cheap or lacking in ability. While I may not be CB-1 obsessed like some, I do know a considerable amount about well handling motorcycles. I didn't say this bike handled better than the others lightly, as some sort of snake oil salesman. The bike has been dialed in quite well for a rider my size. These words have meaning.

You pointed out that the 'the clip ons are mounted 3 inches down the stanchions'. Does the bike have a poor stance? Does it look lowered? When someone puts F2 uppers and internals on the CB-1 lowers, where does it end up when you set the bike up properly?

And about the tires, you must be blind. The tires are new, nothing shredded about them.

Look, you can feel high and mighty thinking a track oriented bike is a piece of crap, but you are completely wrong in my opinion. Do you like to go fast around corners? I sure do. You know where you learn how to make a particular bike be the best and fastest? The track. I've been passing cocky people that buy their horsepower my whole life. In the mid 80s I loved to see the look on the dudes face when I told him I smoked him on the twisties with my $400 RD400 while he was riding his new Ninja. I've left my Ducati 900ss primer black for 20 years, and as I say to everyone: It looks perfect from the saddle in the hill country. My passion for motorcycles is different than most, but that passion has been very strong for decades. Motorcycling is a hobby, a profession, and border-line obsession. I love the bikes, but more importantly I love to ride. The bikes I love are those that are made to be ridden. The CB-1 in my driveway is just such a bike. I would take on any machine down a twisty road, and I bet I would end up in front at the end. To me, that makes the bike valuable. The untouched CB-1 I sold a few years back for $3500 handled far worse.

I won't poke any holes in your appreciation of the FZ-7 or DR-Z400SM. I understand that we all get our jollies on two wheels, and to me that makes us brothers. Even though you're that annoying brother, I would help you if you were on the side of the road, and I'd like to think you would do the same for me.
3  Classifieds / For Sale / Re: CB-1 with many performance upgrades for sale on: August 17, 2019, 03:25:36 PM
The bike is on Ebay starting at $1500

You guys sure aren't very nice. I come from a motorcycle community that helps educate others and makes a place for them in the fold. You guys get your jollies cutting down bikes and sellers. I find that shameful.

I've been into performance oriented bikes from the 80s and 90s for thirty plus years. I sold a CB-1 for $3500 to a collector and immediately missed it. I found this one neglected and fixed it up. Sure it's far from perfect, but it now lives its life carving curves instead of leaned against a house. Someone loved this bike at one time and spent time and money making a CB-1 that performed better than stock, then it sat. Your hatred of such a specimen shows a closed mind in my opinion. And you think I'm a liar and a loser for seeing value in such a bike. You all have no idea of my 30+ years with motorcycles and what I bring to the table.

I have learned that the cult following of these bikes is filled with those looking for perfect stock machines, like those chiming in on this post. It's odd to me. The same happened with the 2-strokes I used to be crazy about. An RD350 with all the performance mods goes for less than a slow boring stock bike. I spent my younger years spending all of my money making bikes go faster and handle better. I love these modded bikes way more than the stock originals, but that's me.

I'm ready to take whatever someone will give me so I can move on the the 900ss project. Y'all should take some time to think about whether you want to pull other motorcyclists in your community up or cut them down. It's a decision we all make.
4  Classifieds / For Sale / Re: CB-1 with many performance upgrades for sale on: April 30, 2019, 12:11:41 PM
Lowered price to $3200
5  Classifieds / For Sale / Re: CB-1 with many performance upgrades for sale on: April 18, 2019, 04:39:43 PM
Samsdad, I say in the text of the listing that the mileage is not correct. Ebay requires numbers only typed into the mileage box for the listing. And as for the reservoir, I looked at other routing, but saw no other options unless I disassemble the rear end completely. And I understand all of the claims it is worth less. There is just nothing to compare it to. How many CB-1s are for sale, ever? I just did $1500 worth of work to it. And I think that exhaust alone is worth something, plus the suspension upgrades. And the bottom line is that I am selling this one of a kind bike one time. I am starting at the higher end of the potential price range. Feel free to make an offer, anyone reading this.
6  Classifieds / For Sale / Re: CB-1 with many performance upgrades for sale on: April 18, 2019, 03:12:59 PM
Points taken. I've lowered the price to $3600.
7  Classifieds / For Sale / Re: CB-1 with many performance upgrades for sale on: April 17, 2019, 05:06:26 PM
a_morti, I appreciate a knowledgeable reply but I definitely have a few retorts. I have a longer description on the Ebay post where I mention the poor knock-off instruments and the cosmetic shortcomings. Your critique of these is fully understood. On the shock: are you aware that a Penske rear shock comes with an ideal mount for the reservoir? I am not. Perhaps some bits are missing, but that is definitely a top of the line rear shock set up perfectly for that bike. I, too, know a thing or two about bikes, and CB-1 in particular. It's true a little rubber half moon and some hose clamps might tidy things up, but that is an expensive rear shock set up perfectly for this bike. You are right about the forks. I'll change the listing. Whatever they are, they have pre-load and dampening adjustments on top, and they feel amazing. Again, I ride sport bikes and have ridden many CB-1s. This one is very special, particularly in how it handles. I have never felt anything close to how put together this bike feels winding out 4th and 5th gear leaned hard through the twisties. The suspension is dialed in perfectly, whatever it is. And if you have info on the exhaust, please share. It fits well, high and close, and it sounds awesome. In my opinion, this bike was someones performance toy, maybe it went to the track. Money was spent on special pieces. I own a shop and see all the modified bikes. I see crap and flash put on decent bikes. This is not at all that bike. I get that the bike could be prettier and have proper gauges, but it is a bike like no other. You want to feel what that gear driven cam high reving motor really does? The suspension and brake feel on this bike lets you ride to the motor's limits like no other CB-1. Whoever built it knew what they were doing. If you rode it you would up your value estimate.
8  Classifieds / For Sale / CB-1 with many performance upgrades for sale on: April 17, 2019, 03:38:10 PM
If you want a non-stock CB-1, this is the one you want. The suspension is amazing with a Penske rear shock and fully adjustable fork uppers and internals. I have no idea what the exhaust is, but it's nice. I'm guessing it's something from Japan. It finishes off with steel brake lines and some special side covers and right side round cover that I imagine are non-US as well. I've never seen a CB-1 like it. I've priced it at $3900. Check it out:
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