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Author Topic: Fire during warm up  (Read 546 times)
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« on: February 25, 2019, 12:28:13 AM »

Since the weather was dry and not too cold I felt it was a good time for an afternoon ride. I wheeled the CB-1 out of the garage on to the driveway. I noticed 1/2 tsp. of oil on the garage floor  Huh. It's been 3 weeks since I took her out. I figured I'd have to check this out when I had more time. For now I wanted to ride.

I put the choke on and she started on the first try Smiley. That's kinda rare actually. So far so good. I walked back into the house to grab my boots and tank bag.

About 2 minutes from starting I walked back to the bike. It was then that I saw smoke wafting up from under the tank. Lots of white smoke. So much so I thought it was steam. I suspected a coolant leak or dripped oil burning off the exhaust. Looking closer there was way more smoke than that and it smelled like burning plastic. That's when I noticed flames inside beneath the tank near the rear shock!!!  Shocked Shocked Shocked

I shut the bike off and tried to blow the flames out. No luck  Sad. To gain better access and starting to get really nervous I tried to remove the seat but I couldn't get it off (CB-1 seat removal is fiddly under normal conditions and harder under duress). Panic setting in I ran to the garage but couldn't find the fire extinguisher (I later found it hanging on the wall where it has always been for 15 years but I wasn't thinking clearly )  Undecided . Luckily a garden hose was nearby and I used it to douse the flames  Wink .  

Aftermath: Black soot covered the tank sides but luckily wipes off easily. Inside there is melted plastic and the paint on the underside of the tank got scorched. Part of the vinyl seat cover excess near the staples got burnt. Honda use flame retardant vinyl and it smolders rather than burns. Luckily the tank fuel line that scorched didn't burn through...that would have been really ugly. The front left corner of the battery also got melted but no acid leak. Other parts are melted and burnt but I don't know their function. I feel fortunate that this all happened on my driveway and not while riding. Undecided Undecided Undecided

Question: This ever happen to anyone else? What could or should have done to avoid this? I don't know the CB-1 so well so I guess I have yet another project. I feel it might be electrical since the bike wasn't running for more than 2-3 minutes so the engine shouldn't have got that hot, right? My CB-1 has always been a reliable and fun bike so I'm feeling bummed but mostly feeling fortunate that it wasn't a complete loss.

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« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2019, 08:25:54 PM »

Yes, could have been much worse and a total loss.  Something like this can happen to any bike, even more so with a 30 year old bike that's had multiple owners.  Have you taken the tank off yet to try and see what it may have been?

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