This site was created to bring CB-1 enthusiasts together from around the world to discuss this great motorcycle. While only available for two years in the US, it has found more popularity in Europe and Japan. It's incredibly versatile in sport riding and city commuting and has a cult following all its own. And most importantly, its just plain fun to ride.

I bought an '89 CB-1 in August, 2005 with 10,500 miles for $1800. I was pleasantly surprised with its performance and handling after a few modifications. Mine already had a Kerker exhaust installed so after spending a modest $100 on suspension upgrades (progressive fork springs and a CB900RR rear shock) the bike was transformed into a real gem. Another $50 on a stainless steel braided front brake line, and the stopping power is incredible with only one caliper up front. So, for under $2000, I got a bike with worthy performance found only in new bikes that cost considerably more. What could be better than that?

Plus, this bike is just plain rare in the US. I've never seen another one in person. Mention CB-1 to anyone and chances are they have no idea what you're talking about. Mention "CB400F" and that might get a response for the first CB400 from the 70's if they know their motorcycle history. Then mention this is the updated, redesigned model from ten years after and expect the "I didn't know they made one of those" responses.

There really isn't any motorcycle like this one on the U.S. market today. The closest would be the Kawasaki Ninja 250. Another great bike, but the CB-1's additional 150cc's in the engine department make it a clear winner. And if you have ever heard a CB-1 with a Kerker exhaust and it's gear driven cams wound up to around 12,000 RPM, you are missing out on a real treat. You'd think it had another 600cc's down there.

I seem to have a knack for finding rare Hondas. My garage is full of them. A '78 CB550 (made 4 years), the CB-1 (made 2 years), and the even more rare CX650C (made 1 year). There's even a '73 ST90 sitting in there waiting to be restored. I've also owned a number of Honda 3 wheelers: '72 ATC90, '82 ATC200, '84 ATC200S and an '86 ATC200X (made one year). I've sold the 3 wheelers a few years back and have a 2003 400EX quad.

Basically, after reviewing the various websites on the Internet for the CB-1, I thought that perhaps I could build one with a better presentation and offer a more reliable message forum. One that could bring us enthusiasts together from all over, but mainly for us USA riders. So take a look around and thanks for visiting!

-Site Admin